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Reviews/Letters from Our Clients:

I was involved in an accident where the other party was at fault. Since my car was less than 2 years old, had under 30k miles, and no previous damage, I knew my vehicle had lost significant resale value as a result of the extensive repairs required following the wreck. I tried to work with State Farm but their offer was low-ball. State Farm asked for better support than the comps I could pull up on the internet, so after some internet research and a good 15 minute conversation with Kirk Kyler over the telephone, I hired Diminished Value of Texas. Kirk arrived on time and provided a report I showed to State Farm. State Farm still did not offer a legitimate amount for my loss (I think many other insurance companies would have offered a fair settlement), so I filed suit in small claims court.

At no additional fee, Kirk appeared in court and offered credible, expert testimony to defend his work. Kirk’s testimony is the reason we prevailed and I was awarded more than double what State Farm offered. If the situation ever presents itself again, I will not waste anytime in contacting Kirk Kyler of Diminished Value of Texas.



I hired Kirk and Diminished Value of Texas to do an estimate on my 2014 S550 after another driver pulled out in front of me. It was a car with low miles on it and the other driver who was at fault had GEICO. GEICO was horrible to deal with throughout the process. GEICO originally offered me $500 for diminished value on the wreck and never moved much above that even after Kirk gave them a thorough and detailed report. However, I did sue the driver and GEICO-the jury gave us the exact amount that Kirk had determined was the diminished value which was more than 20x over their original offer. In addition to just doing great work, Kirk was professional and helpful throughout the entire process and spent a large part of his day testifying and waiting without charging me $.01 more than the original report. A true gentleman and class act.

Thanks Kirk!



I just wanted to let you know that AIG paid theDiminished Value Claim if full. They used your number without any hesitation. I want to thank you for everything you did for us.

Charlie Ruff


Wanted to give you an update on the Diminished Value Claim you helped me with. I got a call from the DV department yesterday, they agreed with the DV claim amount! I gave them my debit card over the phone and the funds were in my account by the end of the day.

I guess Allstate is on board with your work now too! I’ll be happy to be a reference for you!

Thank You!

Kim Staman
Vice President, Asset Management
Capital One Multifamily Finance



I wanted to inform you that I settled (my Diminished Value Claim with Aggessive Insurance) for $4,700.

I truly appreciate your assistance with the matter. I hope to NOT have to use you again, but would not hesitate doing so if the occasion arises. Similarly, I will recommend you to friends and family.

Many thanks,
Corey Admire



My husband and I would like to thank both of you for taking your time to lend your advice, it is of great value to us. Your kindness proves there are still caring professionals out there who like to help others. I will recommend both of you highly!

Wishing you many blessings and continued success in your careers.

Stacy and Jeff Barton.
Phillips and Associates Realty



I just wanted to say thank you for the good work you did on the DV report. I will be recommending you to my colleagues that need a report.

Edward Nolter,
Attorney at Law



Thank you for taking the time to come inspect my vehicle and determine it’s Diminished Value. The insurance company approved the total amount you reported. You did such an awesome job and the report was so detailed. Thank You.

Michelle Cousins
Certified NNA Mobile Notary and Signing Agent



Please let Kirk know I got my check from Allstate with no problems at all. He made this an extremely easy process and I greatly appreciate everything! I will definitely recommend your service to everyone!

Kind regards,
Cindy Hooper



I wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for your professionalism and communication throughout this process. AAA was not going to budge off their offer so, as you know, I filed suit against their insured in small claims court. I was so pleased to see that long after you received your fee, you continued to take significant interest in my claim being resolved fairly.

In addition, I appreciated your offer to join me in court if necessary… at no extra charge. I can clearly understand why Jerry Reynolds and others hold you in such high regard. I have shared my experience and directed others to your website to see if they have a possible claim.

Thanks again and congratulations on creating and operating a business of integrity and realistic results.

Greg T. Hall
Chief Operating Officer
Spring Creek Companies.



I had an accident in May and was directed Diminished Value of Texas to help me recover lost trade-in/resale value on my car due the the wreck. I was directed to Mr. Kirk Kyler who helped me immediately. When I visited with the State Farm Insurance Adjuster, he asked where I had gotten the diminished value quote from. Once I told him it was from Mr. Kyler of Diminished Value of Texas, he told me he would write me a check for the full amount quoted by Mr. Kyler without any further need of inspection since “Dimininished Value of Texas was extremely fair to both the insured and the insurance company”.

I highly recommend the services of Diminished Value of Texas. I am extremely pleased with their work and information in completing my settlement. I felt honesty and integrity of the highest degree from Mr. Kyler and Diminished Value of Texas.

Spanglers of Pairis


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